We took a bunch of bros up to the Winsor to make sure that our Silver Bullett Van is all good to go!

06 Jun

Dave and I had to fuel up the troops with some Carne Guisada burritos from El Parasol... YES!!!

Tommy gets his ride dialed... he would be riding seat and post-less before too long!

Getting the van loaded is always fun, fun, fun!


The Silver Bullett and it's intrepid captain... David Bell.


The ride up was very roomy and luxurious since we were only at half of our capacity!


This is my new Urge helmet, the first ride was highly favorable. The color is called "Styrofoam Clear-Coat" and highly original.


We're at the trailhead and ready to slay it!


My favorite way to spend the day!


We had to stop at 102 for a mechanical issue... if your bike is somewhat sketchy... the Upper-Winsor will rattle anything loose!


Tommy rolls over the log-jam at Big Tesuque!


Gotta pick a good chune for the rest of the ride... something Zen-like!

Hauling ass with Tommy and Tim was super fun!


Just taking a little break to make sure all is good with my Voodoo.

The creek was flowing pretty good, very nice to ride through on a hot May day!

We're back in Tesuque now... I'm thirsty!


What a beautiful area to ride through, and hardly anyone around this day!


We rode through the Shidoni Foundry Sculpture Garden for an artistic interlude... this IS Santa Fe after all.


Ride is over... all present and accounted for!


Ahhh... Margarita Time!!!


Tommy sips his post-ride Margarita at the Tesuque Village Market, one of our favorite spots! He is modeling one of our American-Made ClubRide Go Long Jerseys, from the trail to the bar!

 Maybe you will get an invite next time!



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