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We had a GREAT TIME @ The Bicycle Beauty Pageant and Kaleidospoke… here is a peek at the festivities!

I hope you got one of these in your spokes...


... if you did, it means your bike was in contention for the Bicycle Beauty Pageant.

The spoke cards were made by Joel Lipovetsky for the event, they are limited… and they’re for CLOSERS.

... another one of Tony's classic cruisers from yesteryear.


Kaleidospoke Mural...

Kaleidspoke Mural on the back wall with Tony Ballantine's classic Raleigh hanging above.


Kaleidospoke Mural and the Cinelli SuperPista with RVCA and Twist graphic treatment.

Karen's Turner won the "Prettiest" award for 2011, highly deserving bike!


Carlos' Pugsley, this bike can roll over anything... or anyone.

Mark and Becky are waiting to be judged!

Donna and her Lazy Susan were all dressed up!

It was a great party with Kaleidospoke and the Bicycle Beauty Pageant together this year.


... Judging...

The Judges this year were very HARDNOSE!


Rawson's Schwinn Madison... whoa!

David Bell's Peach and Andrew's Casati Laser... chillin'.


Bike geeks are funny.


Kether checks out the chrome Schwinn LeTour that we all knew was gonna win Best of Show as soon as we saw it roll in.

Carlos has a SERIOUS bike addiction!

Val's vintage Stumpjumper, there is one of these in the Smithsonian!


Ginger played some awesome tunes for us.

Hannah and Andrew offer their critique on this year's field.

Best Fixie was won by our very own JC Walker!

We attracted quite a crowd this year!

Kaleidospoke piece on the outside of CCA.





The 2nd Annual Mellow Velo Bicycle Beauty Pageant… THIS FRIDAY July 15th, 2011 @ C.C.A. 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Bring out your prettiest bike for our Pageant... win some schwag and trash-talking rights!!!

Show us how much you LOVE your bike… by SHOWING IT OFF!!!

... and don't skimp on the footwear either, it better go with your pageant entry!!!


Be there between 5pm – 6:30pm to set up, Judging will start at 6:30pm and awards will be given at 7:30pm

Categories include but are not limited to:

  • Best Road Bike
  • Best Mountain Bike
  • Best Fixed Gear
  • Best Cruiser
  • Best Commuter
  • Prettiest Overall
  • Best Identity Crisis
  • Most Compelling
  • “Mocho”est Bike on the Street
  • Best Paint
  • …and anything else WE come up with!



We know you need some EXTRA inspiration sometimes… here are some images that inspire us to do what we LOVE!


... turning $5000 of mangled titanium and a twisted XTR derailleur into a singlespeed for a client... before a 12 mile descent.


... building wheels in the morning on our deck.


... spooky looking trees on a new trail.


... signs with bullett holes always mark a great place to ride!


... a friend who stops to look at you when he hears you fall in the creek.


... and Ray's Licorice from New Zealand is one of our favorite fuels!


... a tired and muddy crew getting done with a ride.


... being handed your bike before you take some cool bros for an all-day ride.


... a haircut from a very stylish friend!


... a friend who falls because he is going too fast and getting into my speaker/ soundtrack too much.



We took a bunch of bros up to the Winsor to make sure that our Silver Bullett Van is all good to go!

Dave and I had to fuel up the troops with some Carne Guisada burritos from El Parasol... YES!!!

Tommy gets his ride dialed... he would be riding seat and post-less before too long!

Getting the van loaded is always fun, fun, fun!


The Silver Bullett and it's intrepid captain... David Bell.


The ride up was very roomy and luxurious since we were only at half of our capacity!


This is my new Urge helmet, the first ride was highly favorable. The color is called "Styrofoam Clear-Coat" and highly original.


We're at the trailhead and ready to slay it!


My favorite way to spend the day!


We had to stop at 102 for a mechanical issue... if your bike is somewhat sketchy... the Upper-Winsor will rattle anything loose!


Tommy rolls over the log-jam at Big Tesuque!


Gotta pick a good chune for the rest of the ride... something Zen-like!

Hauling ass with Tommy and Tim was super fun!


Just taking a little break to make sure all is good with my Voodoo.

The creek was flowing pretty good, very nice to ride through on a hot May day!

We're back in Tesuque now... I'm thirsty!


What a beautiful area to ride through, and hardly anyone around this day!


We rode through the Shidoni Foundry Sculpture Garden for an artistic interlude... this IS Santa Fe after all.


Ride is over... all present and accounted for!


Ahhh... Margarita Time!!!


Tommy sips his post-ride Margarita at the Tesuque Village Market, one of our favorite spots! He is modeling one of our American-Made ClubRide Go Long Jerseys, from the trail to the bar!

 Maybe you will get an invite next time!


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