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We have been long awaiting for our Mellow Velo branded goods this summer, and they are finally here! Come and check it …

Here we have our friend Andrew, whom we built this Casati for earlier this Summer, on his normal warm-up spin... Glengarry Glenross on the big screen in back helps lend some motivation. "ALWAYS BE CLOSING!" Andrew!

Vermarc is a Belgian company, Eddy Merckx wore this stuff! Their clothing is produced in Italy to such high standards that certain pro riders insist on it, in spite of what the rest of their team happens to wear. "Coffee is for closers only!"

Our custom outerwear is finally here... and there are limited quantities so get by and get them real soon.


Spinning past his bamboo grove on the vintage Cinelli rollers, Andrew needs clothing that breathes.


The Vermarc outerwear pieces are quite unique... they are designed to breathe as you move in them.

Andrew G. is a powerful rider and sculptor, these are some of his metal pieces. He models our vest here, a must for the Autumn.

Our new bottles... available in any shade of our "TEAM GREEN"




Check out this LOVELY All-City Nature Boy that we got for our buddy Kenny, it will make YOU green with envy!

The All-City Nature Boy comes complete or, in Kenny's case, we got a frame and fork since he had parts to re-use from a bike that didn't fit him as well as this one does.


The fork on this beast is just beautiful, straight-leg, double-hollow crown and lugged drop-outs. It has a great head-badge too!


The rear drop-outs are lovely too, the bridge detail is classy as hell! to check out the complete…. for the frame and fork

All of their bikes are very classic and cool… call us to ask about the other models’ availability.


Elegance begets elegance… Judy has bike, WILL travel.

This Ritchey Break Away is definitely one of the coolest bikes we have had the privilege to offer.

The Michelin Pilot Sport is a fast and burly tire that will handle and smooth any kind of road

All it takes to break down the frame is: unclamp both seat tube clamps...

... and unbolt the clamp that holds the downtube, undo the cable couplers, and you are ready to travel! It even has it's own suitcase.

An elegant travel solution by any standard...

The Selle An-Atomica Saddle is both beautiful and comfortable because of it's natural leather suspension system.

Check out the specs on the frame…


Our friend David is building a Pump-Track in his yard… we had to do our part to make sure he can get some AIR when it’s done!

Al was seriously stoked on this build-up, the tapered headtube is a serious upgrade!

The Transition Bank has these very cool drop-outs that allow you to lower and raise the bottom bracket.


What a great selection of components! Transition really did their homework! Their own components looked and worked great too, we especially liked the old-school waffling on the saddle!


The finishing touch was to get David a super low-profile pedal for his giant feet! The Canfield Brothers Crampon pedals rode as great as they looked! Wafer-thin.... yes, that IS the actual spindle you are looking at.


We had a visit from Jason “Firsty”, our Crank Brothers rep, to show us the new goodies…

Check out the new Crank Brothers pedals, saddles, and seatpost! We'll give you a full report after a test ride.

from L to R:

The 11 Seatpost: 1-piece Carbon, 160 grams, 1 bolt clamp

The 11 Saddle: Replaceable Titanium Rails, Padded and Flexible Nose for technical climbing

The Mallet 2 Pedal: Aluminum/ Polycarbonate body, narrow profile for cornering

The Mallet 1 Pedal: Polycarbonate body, same narrow profile

The 50/50 Pedal: Dirt Jumping and Downhill Pedal with Aluminum and Polycarbonate body


Show us a vintage-looking saddle and we are like moths to a flame!

The Selle Royal Classic saddle with RoyalGel. This belongs on your townie.

Our Continental/ Selle Royal rep Jeff Eisner brought us this lovely faux-leather saddle that would look just as good on an old bike as it would a new Masi Soulville.

Royalgel is an exclusive polyurethane matrix product, the only gel which doesn’t break, doesn’t harden, and doesn’t age. Comparative pressure distribution tests prove that Royalgel™ padding guaranties the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by up to 80%.

A better distribution of the weight on the entire surface of a saddle with Royalgel relieves both the prostate/pubis area and the “sit bones”.

… that is a mouthful, the saddle is great!

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