Mellow Velo Tune-Ups

Over 20 years servicing bikes, this guy has seen it all... J.C. Walker at the office.


Our Basic Tune $45

  • Minor cleaning
  • Adjust shifting: we will check cable tension, derailleur, cable and housing condition and let you know if they need to be replaced
  • Traditional brake adjustment: cable tension, caliper alignment, cable and housing condition
  • Disc brakes: center caliper with rotor, check rotor & pad condition, and cable and housing condition

Deluxe Tune $75

  • Everything from the basic tune, plus:
  • Thorough cleaning of the frame, fork and wheels
  • Lube shifter and brake cables, derailleur and jockey wheels
  • Major wheel truing
  • Check and adjust hubs and axles

The Razzle Dazzle $125

  • Everything from the deluxe tuneup, plus:
  • Polishing compound and through bike lusting
  • Replace all cables & housing
  • Complete drive train soak: we will remove the cassette, cranks, chain, and rear derailleur, soak it in solvent, clean them, then completely grease and lube everything.

*individual services are available as needed by our customers, please call and inquire


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